A fun (parody) Discord Bot, written with

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Articuno wakatime

A fun (parody) Discord Bot, written with


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Articuno is a multi-purpose Discord Bot that can do a wide variety of jobs, mostly with fun commands. It has a tag system (text) allows you to store and send multiple tags that suit with your server. Featuring an emoji management system, where you can steal and add emojis from other servers (Nitro or image url), remove and look up for the information about an emoji in your server. There is an image search command (powered by Google Images) allows you to look up for different images. And, Articuno also does its job as a Pokemon named bot, by having a must-have /pokedex command and the famous game from the franchise, Who’s that Pokemon. Beside those features, Articuno offers a wide range variety of random fun command, more as a parody, that can hype up the current chat in your server.

Highlight commands:

Misc commands

Articuno has a good range of miscellaneous commands, such as amogus, flip, hug, ship, /clownrate, /uwu, /amogus, sanitycheck, /gay, etc. You can have a look more at the bot command list after adding Articuno to your server.

For Pokemon

How to use Articuno

It is very simple. Just add him to your server, select a command from the Articuno list after typing the / symbol, read the command description and you are good to go.

Beside slash command, Articuno also has some commands that have prefixed message command support. (You may wonder what is a prefixed message command? Remember the old time when slash command wasn’t a thing yet? You use bots with symbol and name like $, ., h!, ?.)

Type /help to see a list of available slash commands.

Type $help to see a list of available prefixed message commands.

What makes us different?

First and always, API wrapper library. Being developed using Python, many developers will go with We think is a good library, however, it violates the API and does not follow the API guild schema. With all of those reasons, we decided to follow, a Python Discord API Wrapper, focusing on interaction based. A wrapper with proper Objects, Classes, and most importantly, follows the API guide from Discord, which is a huge pro for the library itself.